RONIS Tronic Pro Card

RONIS Tronic Pro Card


The RONIS TRONIC Pro Card is a standard alone electronic lock designed specially for lockers. Choose between a combination or Card for securing and means of access. It’s sleek and modern design will ensure it fits in with any modern style furniture, as well as providing a retrofit capability to any existing lockers. With a Slam Door Function as standard, this is the perfect product for Workplaces, Leisure Centres, Gyms and Swimming Pools.

Using the Electronic Settings key and Management software, you can configure and define all aspects of the lock to suit your needs. This includes: Single / Multi user modes, Red LED signals, Acoustic signals, Opening times, Master codes, User codes and much more.

An extended battery life with ensure it operates for 50,000 cycles but we do suggest to change the batteries every 12 months if this isn’t exceeded to ensure they stay in good condition.

Eigenschaften & Vorteile:

  • Secure your lockers with an easy to remember 4 digit code or Card option.
  • Configurable Single User mode is perfect for workplaces where an employee is assigned a locker for a long period of time.
  • Configurable Multi User mode is perfect for leisure Centres and Gyms where multiple people will use the product using different codes.
  • In the event a code is forgotten, simply enter the 5 digit Master Code to change it.
  • A low battery indication light will ensure you have adequate time to change the batteries.
  • Automatic opening time functionality allows you to define a time where all the lockers will open. This makes inspections and checks quicker and easier.
  • Using the Electronic Settings Key, you can configure and control all parameters of the lock.
  • Adjustable acoustic signals allow you to choose from High volume – Low volume and turning all audio off.

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