The RONIS E-10 lock is a robust electronic combination lock which is ideal for various materials such as Metal, Wood and Trespa.

It has fully retrofit capabilities which means it can be integrated into existing furniture as well as new.

A simple 4 digit code is needed for the user to open and close the locker. In the case of forgetting a code, the site manager can always use the 6 digit Technician code or the 8 digit Master Code to open the lock.

It fixes into place with a Screw and Nut and is available in a Black finish.

Eigenschaften & Vorteile:

  • Security is made simple thanks to its hierarchical code system: 4 digit User Code, 6 digit Technician Code and 8 digit Master Code.
  • Designed to be as flexible as possible, it can be fitted onto Metal, Wood and Trespa doors.
  • Configurable Single User mode is perfect for workplaces where an employee is assigned a locker for a long period of time.
  • Configurable Multi User mode is perfect for leisure Centres and Gyms where multiple people will use the product using different codes.
  • A low battery indication light will ensure you have adequate time to change the batteries.
  • In the case of emergency, a mechanical key can be used to override the lock and gain access.
  • It’s zinc alloy housing and handle will ensure a long life cycle

Vorgeschlagene Verwendung

Trockene Umgebungsbedingungen


Technische Merkmale

Zyklen AkkulaufzeitBis zu 60,000 Zyklen
Akustische SignaleJa
Optische SignaleJa
AkkuwarnungAudio, Visuell




Färbung OberflächeSchwarz
xPBA Betriebstemperatur-15° Bis 65° Celsius